International Partnerships

With the internationalization of markets and businesses, the economy is increasingly globalised. This implies the introduction of changes in the practice of advocacy to follow up this evolution and respond to our clients around the world.

In this context, «Eduardo Serra Jorge & Maria José Garcia-Sociedade de Advogados SP, RL» has established strategic partnership relations with several law firms located in other countries around the globe. These partnerships allow us to follow the growth processes and the business internationalization of its clients as well as to receive and monitor investments from their business partners.


Cabinet d´Avocat Bahassani
Ahmed Bahassani
Quartier Dar-El-Saada, B.P. 6005
(00269) 333 38 39


To supplement these partnerships, «Eduardo Serra Jorge & Maria José Garcia-Sociedade de Advogados SP, RL» is also member of Lawyers International Associations, which make use of networking with representations around the world. These International Associations of Law Firms provide to their associates and clients the access to a worldwide network of Lawyers to provide the best service and legal advice in the country in which they operate.



Founded on the European Union (EU), the AEA is an international network of Law Firms that has expanded to a wide global scale and prides itself to gather the best professionals. Covering all the EU countries, it later extends its network in european countries that are not part of the European Union, eventually also being implemented in countries in America, Asia and Africa.

Read here the countries where the AEA has representations.



With headquarters in central London, LexLegal is an international network of lawyers through which you can obtain legal advice, legal and/or consulting services with professionals who understand the language and the local market where you operate and where you wish to invest. LexLegal works with companies as well as private clients in any country in the world.

Readhere the countries where LexLegal has representations.